URL binding for Laravel models

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Linkable allows you to bind named routes directly to your Eloquent models. It has been tested with Laravel 5.0 and above (although it may work on older versions as well).

Making calls to route() each time you need to generate a url can be cumbersome and makes your Blade files unreadable. Instead with Linkable, you can use this syntax to generate a url:


That's it! Check out the full usage below.

Install via Composer

  composer require tomschlick/laravel-linkable

Add to your model(s) and implement the interface

class User extends Model
    use TomSchlick\Linkable\Linkable;
    public function sublink(string $key, array $attr = []) : string
        return route("users.$key", [
                'user_id' => $this->id, // 'user_id' is the name of the parameter in the users.* route group
                ] + $attr);


$model->link(); // Link for the resource (example:

$model->sublink('edit'); // SubLink for the resource (example:
$model->sublink('', ['photo_id' => 1234]); // SubLink for the resource (example:
$model->redirect(); // Generates a redirect response to the resource to use in a controller return statement.
$model->sublinkRedirect('edit'); // Generates a redirect response to the resource's edit page to use in a controller return statement.