Laravel In memory auth provider.

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Laravel Memory Auth Provider

A In Memory User Auth Provider for Laravel 5.1+.

Allows you to Authenticate and admin area without the need for a database. Great as a quick and temporary solution during development, particularly if your site is mocked out and not let using a database.


You can install it using composer:

composer require tomgrohl/laravel-memory-auth-provider


1 .Add service provider

Add the following to your providers in the app config


return [
    'providers' => [
        // OR

2. Setup config

In the auth config you will need to set the driver:

    'driver' => 'memory',

Add also setup your in memory users:

    'memory' => [
        'model' => 'Illuminate\Auth\GenericUser',
        'users' => [
            'admin' => [
                'id' => 1,
                // Hashed passord using the hasher service
                'password' => '$2y$10$Mfusxb1546MFxQ4A1s4GE.OF/gFuI8Y6Hw9xnlZeiHtjDl0/pnXPK',

You can add any properties you want making it easy to switch out the Auth drivers.

The package comes with a command for hashing passwords, making it easier to setup passwords, just run the following command to hash your password:

php artisan tomgrohl:hash:password mypassword