Collection of building blocks and view helpers for TYPO3 projects made by tollwerk

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v4.7.1 2021-12-28 15:06 UTC


Collection of building blocks and viewhelpers for TYPO3 projects by tollwerk

Domain objects


  • Custom Country model extending SJBR\StaticInfoTables\Domain\Model\Country (when the static_info_tables extension is installed)
  • UnsubmittableFormDefinition extending TYPO3\CMS\Form\Domain\Model\FormDefinition (Form Framework). Use for form definitions in combination with a custom hook to prevent advancing beyond the final form step (see class for hook example)


  • Custom CountryRepository providing the method findByIntlPhoneNumber() to find all countries using a country code starting with particular digits. Extends SJBR\StaticInfoTables\Domain\Repository\CountryRepository when the static_info_tables extension is installed.


  • DebuggableRepositoryTrait — add this to a repository and use the debugQuery() method for debugging SQL queries.
  • StoragePidsIgnoringRepositoryTrait — add this to a repository as a quick and easy way to make it ignore the storage PIDs.

Link handlers


  • Custom ImageService extending \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Service\ImageService adding format conversion capabilities
  • Image compression services (mozjpeg, SVGO)
  • Image converters (WebP)
  • Primitive LQIP service, creating SVGO previews of raster images
  • Text compression services (gzip, brotli)

These services don't work out of the box and require particular software to be available on the server:

  • For optimizing JPEG images using the mozjpeg encoder, install the Mozilla JPEG Encoder Project and create a mozjpeg alias to jpegtran.
  • For creating WebP image variants, install the WebP converter on the server and make sure the cwebp encoder tool is available as cwebp on the command line.
  • For creating AVIV image variants, install the AVIF converter on the server and make sure the encoder tool is available as avifenc on the command line.
  • For compressing SVG images on the fly, install the Node.js based SVGO tool and make sure it's available as svgo on the command line.
  • For creating SVG previews for images with Primitive, install the Go language and Primitive on your server and make sure primitive is available on the command line.
  • For creating gzipped versions of merged CSS and JavaScript files you need to have the GNU Gzip command line utility installed (standard on any Linux system), globally available as gzip binary.
  • For creating Brotli compressed versions of merged CSS and JavaScript files you need to have the Brotli command line utility installed, globally available as brotli binary.


  • cta viewhelper for rendering CallToAction <a> or <button> tags
  • debug viewhelper for better debugging of live environments
  • heading viewhelper for semantic document structuring
  • render viewhelper for rendering partials & sections with heading context awareness
  • image viewhelper for rendering compressed images
  • media viewhelper for responsive images
  • uniqid viewhelper
  • page.title viewhelper
  • structuredData.* viewhelpers
  • Viewhelpers for preparing / refining lists of HTML element attributes (empty / non-empty, data attributes, binary attributes)
  • language viewhelper to translate a 2-character ISO 639-1 language identifier into a readable label (internal languages only)
  • Form element viewhelper (returns a Form Framework element by its name)
  • viewhelper (returns an array of all renderable elements of a form page by their identifier)
  • Link info viewhelper (returns detailed information about a link target)
  • SVG icon & icon sprite viewhelpers (returns detailed information about a link target)
  • format.age viewhelper for returning a human readable age string
  • format.leadingZeroes viewhelper for returning a formatted number string


Title Providers

  • FlexPageTitleProvider for altering the default title of a page.
  • SeoPageTitleProvider for applying a dedicated page title for the <title> element only.

See the title provider documentation for details.


  • Unique object validator for testing whether a unique value is already taken (e.g. for use with the Form Framework)

TCA field evaluations

  • NumberEvaluation for numbers with any number of decimals positions. Removes any non-numeric character and converts , to .

Console Commands

  • cleanup:processedfiles for truncating the table of processed files and deleting the corresponding files from the file system
  • cleanup:convertedfiles for deleting the file variants generated by the image converters (WebP)
  • cleanup:nbsp for replacing non-breaking spaces with regular spaces in RTE fields
  • update:slugs for updating slugs for given tablenames and fieldnames.

Content Elements

  • Custom video content element with multiple sources, poster image and subtitles / captions


A ready-to-use controller and plugin for handling AJAX requests via ?type=4000. See AjaxController::dispatchAction() for documentation.


  • Image lazyloading with automatic SVG based preview images (like SQIP; requires particular software on the server)
  • Fluid Standalone template renderer
  • Email notification tool (HTML emails & plaintext)
  • Helper traits for repositories (for debugging SQL queries and for generally ignoring storage PIDs)


  • Test inline images in emails
  • Install simplexml for wyrihaximus/html-compress