Makes request to the Substation API

v0.7.3 2018-10-16 15:47 UTC


Makes request to the Substation API


Add the package via composer

composer require tokenly/substation-client

Usage with Laravel

The service provider will automatically be registered in a Laravel 5.5+ application.

Set the environment variables


Use it

// init the client
$substation_client = app(\Tokenly\SubstationClient\SubstationClient::class);

// create a wallet
$response = $substation_client->createServerManagedWallet('bitcoin', 'My App Wallet');
$wallet_uuid = $response['uuid'];
echo "Wallet ID is " . $wallet_uuid . "\n";

// allocate an address
$response = $substation_client->allocateAddress($wallet_uuid);
$address_uuid = $response['uuid'];
$address_hash = $response['address']; // An address hash like 1AAAA1111xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy43CZ9j

Client methods are documented inline in the SubstationClient class.

For details of the API calls, see