DigitalOcean API PHP 5.3+ library for Laravel 4

0.2.0 2013-09-26 19:43 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-24 03:09:45 UTC


The version 2 of the API will be available soon! Please visit Laravel DigitalOcean by Graham Campbell.

This package allows you to use DigitalOcean in Laravel 4.

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It can be found on Packagist. The recommended way is through composer.

Edit compose.json and add:

    "require": {
        "toin0u/digitalocean-laravel": "0.2.*"

And install dependecies:

$ curl -sS | php
$ php composer.phar install


Find the providers key in app/config/app.php and register the DigitalOcean Service Provider.

'providers' => array(
    // ...


Find the aliases key in app/config/app.php and register the DigitalOcean Facade.

'aliases' => array(
    // ...

    'DigitalOcean' => 'Toin0u\DigitalOcean\DigitalOceanFacade',

You need to copy the config file into your project by running:

$ php artisan config:publish toin0u/digitalocean-laravel

Finally you need to edit app/config/packages/toin0u/digitalocean-laravel/config.php with your client ID and the API Key.


Use the DigitalOcean API:

// if you don't want to use the defaut adapter but rather Buzz
DigitalOcean::setAdapter(new \HttpAdapter\BuzzHttpAdapter());
$activeDroplets = DigitalOcean::droplets()->showAllActive();

// object(stdClass)[61]
// public 'status' => string 'OK' (length=2)
// public 'droplets' =>
//     array (size=1)
//         0 =>
//             object(stdClass)[62]
//                 public 'id' => int 347553
//                 public 'name' => string 'foobar' (length=6)
//                 public 'image_id' => int 284212
//                 public 'size_id' => int 66
//                 public 'region_id' => int 4
//                 public 'backups_active' => boolean false
//                 public 'ip_address' => string '' (length=15)
//                 public 'private_ip_address' => null
//                 public 'locked' => boolean false
//                 public 'status' => string 'active' (length=6)
//                 public 'created_at' => string '2013-01-07T01:37:21Z' (length=20)


See the changelog file


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