Basic integration of Twitter Bootstrap into Symfony2

v2.1.2 2013-06-01 21:01 UTC


This Bundle is not maintained anymore. Use PUGXGeneratorBundle f. e.

This Bundle serves basic integration of Twitter Bootstrap(v2.2.0) into Symfony Standard Edition.
It includes a CRUD-generator based on SensioGeneratorBundle.

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Add toa/twitter-bootstrap-bundle to composer.json.
    "require": {
        // ...
        "toa/twitter-bootstrap-bundle": "dev-master",
        // ...
Register this bundle in the app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
	$bundles = array(
		// ...
		new Toa\Bundle\TwitterBootstrapBundle\ToaTwitterBootstrapBundle(),
		// ...


CRUD generation

The CRUD-generator in ToaTwitterBootstrapBundle is based on SensioGeneratorBundle.

Instead of php ./app/console doctrine:generate:crud
you can use php ./app/console toa:generate:twitter-bootstrap-crud
with the same options and arguments.

Template overriding

Default CRUD-templates reside in Resources/skeleton/crud that can be overridden in /app/Resources/ToaTwitterBootstrapBundle/skeleton/crud.
The base-templates of SensioGeneratorBundle can be overridden in the same way.

Example #1:

All generated views extend from ToaTwitterBootstrapBundle::layout.html.twig that can be overridden in /app/Resources/ToaTwitterBootstrapBundle/skeleton/crud/views/others/extends.twig.twig.

Example #2:

All generated views use the content block that can be overridden in /app/Resources/ToaTwitterBootstrapBundle/skeleton/crud/views/others/block.twig.twig.