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The PHP Google Places API

dev-master 2018-05-15 13:49 UTC

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Last update: 2020-09-19 07:54:15 UTC


NOTE: This project might be missing features, please send pull requests for additional usage.

This package allows you to connect and pull information from the Google Places API

You will need a Google API Client Key to use Google Places API.



Composer to install package.

Use composer require tmarois/google-places-api dev-master

Basic Usage:

$client = new \GooglePlaces\Client('YOUR_CLIENT_KEY');

// find all movie theaters in this zip code
$response = $client->placeSearch('textsearch')->setOptions([
    'query' => 'movie theaters in 28202'

// get specific place detail information
$placeId  = 'ChIJvznB1hAnVIgRrWFNVdxDHm0';
$response = $client->placeDetails($placeId)->request();

// get a photo found in the previous responses,
// look up by the "photo_reference"
// save the photo locally for caching
$photoId = 'CmRaAAAAoKx6KQyrDEJ0si1ekan0QaZ6Y02NpXwBFa1ncLaKhZECbFa';



Accepting contributions and feedback. Send in any issues and pull requests.