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PHP SDK for the Alpaca Trading API

v1.3 2020-01-13 18:54 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-02-02 16:35:41 UTC


This package acts as a PHP SDK for the Alpaca Trading API.

Also, check out the Polygon PHP SDK for real time data.


Use Composer to install package.

Run composer require tmarois/alpaca-php-sdk:^1.0

Getting Started

First you need to instantiate the Alpaca object.

use Alpaca\Alpaca;

$alpaca = new Alpaca("YOUR_API_KEY_ID", "YOUR_API_SECRET_KEY");

Example Usage

Get Account: Get the account details

// this will pull a request from alpaca to get account details
$account = $alpaca->account();

// here are some helper methods to quickly get the details
$number = $account->number();
$id = $account->id();
$status = $account->status();
$buyingPower = $account->buyingPower();
$cash = $account->cash();
$longValue = $account->longValue();
$shortValue = $account->shortValue();
$portfolioValue = $account->portfolioValue();

// gets the raw array from Alpaca
// view documentation for the correct keys
$raw = $account->raw();

Get Order: Get a specific order

$order = $alpaca->orders()->get('ORDER_ID');

Get All Orders: Get an array of all open orders

// get all open orders
$orders = $alpaca->orders()->getAll();

// get orders of specific types
// type: open, closed, or all
$orders = $alpaca->orders()->getAll($type,$limit,$dateFrom,$dateTo,$direction);

Cancel An Order: Cancel a specific order

$orders = $alpaca->orders()->cancel('ORDER_ID);

Cancel All Orders: Cancel all open orders

$orders = $alpaca->orders()->cancelAll();

Create An Order: Create a new order

    // stock to purchase
    'symbol' => 'AAPL',

    // how many shares
    'qty' => 1,

    // buy or sell
    'side' => 'buy',

    // market, limit, stop, or stop_limit
    'type' => 'market',

    // day, gtc, opg, cls, ioc, fok.
    // @see
    'time_in_force' => 'day',

    // required if type is limit or stop_limit
    // 'limit_price' => 0,

    // required if type is stop or stop_limit
    // 'stop_price' => 0,

    'extended_hours' => false,

    // optional if adding custom id
    // 'client_order_id' => ''

Replace An Order: Replaces an existing order

    'qty' => 1,

    // required if type is limit or stop_limit
    // 'limit_price' => 0,

    // required if type is stop or stop_limit
    // 'stop_price' => 0,

    // day, gtc, opg, cls, ioc, fok.
    // @see
    'time_in_force' => 'day',

    // optional if adding custom id
    // 'client_order_id' => ''

Get Position: Get an open position

$position = $alpaca->positions()->get('SYMBOL');

Get All Positions: Get all open positions

$positions = $alpaca->positions()->getAll();

Position Entity Response:

  "asset_id": "904837e3-3b76-47ec-b432-046db621571b",
  "symbol": "AAPL",
  "exchange": "NASDAQ",
  "asset_class": "us_equity",
  "avg_entry_price": "100.0",
  "qty": "5",
  "side": "long",
  "market_value": "600.0",
  "cost_basis": "500.0",
  "unrealized_pl": "100.0",
  "unrealized_plpc": "0.20",
  "unrealized_intraday_pl": "10.0",
  "unrealized_intraday_plpc": "0.0084",
  "current_price": "120.0",
  "lastday_price": "119.0",
  "change_today": "0.0084"

Close a Position: Close a position


Close All Positions: Close all open positions


Get Activity: Get the account activity, like order fills, dividends etc.

// type can be many, such as FILL, DIV, TRANS etc
// view on this page
$activity = $alpaca->activity()->get('TYPE');

There are more in the Alpaca Documentation than what is presented above, if you want to extend this, please send in a pull request or request features you'd like to see added. Thanks!


Anyone can contribute to alpaca-php-sdk. Please do so by posting issues when you've found something that is unexpected or sending a pull request for improvements.


alpaca-php-sdk (This Repository) is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

This SDK has no affiliation with, Alpaca Securities LLC and AlpacaDB and acts as an unofficial SDK designed to be a simple solution with using PHP applications. Use at your own risk. If you have any issues with the SDK please submit an issue or pull request.