Trello tile for Laravel Dashboard

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A tile for Laravel Dashboard that displays tasks from Trello.

Laravel Dashboard Trello Tile


Via Composer

$ composer require tkaratug/laravel-dashboard-trello-tile


In the dashboard config file, you must add this configuration in the tiles key. The list_id should be any list id from Trello that you want to display on the dashboard.

// in config/dashboard.php

return [
    // ...
    'tiles' => [
        'trello' => [
            'trello_key' => env('TRELLO_API_KEY'),
            'trello_token' => env('TRELLO_API_TOKEN'),
            'list_id' => env('TRELLO_LIST_ID'),
            'refresh_interval_in_seconds' => 30,

In app\Console\Kernel.php you should schedule the Tkaratug\TrelloTile\Commands\FetchTrelloCardsCommand to run every x minutes.

// in app/console/Kernel.php

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)

In your dashboard view you use the livewire:trello-tile component.

    <livewire:trello-tile position="a1" />

You can specify the number of tasks you want to be displayed on your dashboard with count attribute.

    <livewire:trello-tile position="a1" count="5" />

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$ composer test


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