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Stream Remote Files

With this package you can stream remote contents right from your Laravel application.


composer require titasgailius/laravel-stream-remote


The streamRemoteDownload method may be used to generate a response that turns contents of a remote resource to a downloadable response without having to write anything to disk.

This method accepts a url, file name and an optional array of headers as it's arguments:

return response()->streamRemoteDownload('https://example.com/remote/file.zip', 'archive.zip');


You may specify headers of the response, content-disposition value and chunk size of the streamed content:

return response()->streamRemoteDownload('https://example.com/remote/file.zip', 'archive.zip', [
    'Content-Type' => 'application/zip'
], 'attachment', 1024);

This is a full signature of the streamRemoteDownload method:

public function streamRemoteDownload(
    string $url,
    string $name = null,
    array $headers = [],
    string $disposition = 'attachment',
    int $chunk = 2048
): StreamedResponse;


This package is covered with tests that are store in tests directory. Run ./vendor/bin/phpunit to run the test suite.