PHP library to abstract common tasks with strings, array, etc.

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v0.1.6 2015-04-16 06:42 UTC


This framework component deals with everyday operations for strings, arrays, other scalar data types and even some classes.

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  • afterFirst - Returns a substring after first occurrence of a string
  • afterLast - Returns a substring after last occurrence of a string
  • between - Returns a substring between two strings
  • beforeFirst - Returns a substring before first occurrence of a string
  • beforeLast - Returns a substring before last occurrence of a string
  • endsWith - Checks if a string ends with a specific substring
  • insertBefore - Inserts a string before a specific substring
  • insertAfter - Inserts a string after a specific substring
  • startsWith - Checks if a string starts with a specific substring
  • tokenize - Returns an array of tokens from a string
  • urlify - Converts a string to a URL friendly representation


  • arrayColumn - User-land implementation of PHP 5.5s array_column() function
  • implode - Improvement of the PHP built-in implode() function
  • isAssociative - Checks if the array is associative (some keys type is string)
  • isSequential - Checks if an array is sequential (numeric keys only)


  • decode
  • decodeFile
  • minify


  • getLockedProperty - Gets a value of a locked property from a specific class instance
  • setLockedProperty - Sets a value of a locked property from a specific class instance