The PHP client library for Interledger. Integrates with ILP SPSP Invoice Server allowing to create and get invoices.

1.0.0 2021-08-02 02:31 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-14 11:12:22 UTC


The ILP module includes:

  • Support integration with ILP SPSP Invoice Server that allows to create and get invoices.

Setup development environment

Start ILP invoice server and Moneyd

cd test
docker-compose up -d

Run Tests

composer install --dev
vendor/bin/phpunit --configuration phpunit.xml

How to use

To learn more about ILP SPSP Invoice Server click here.

Create Invoice

$client = new ILPInvoiceServerClient('http://localhost:6000', 'test', false);
$amount = "900";
$assetCode = "XRP";
$assetScale = "9";
$webhook = "https://my.webhook.test"; # URL to be called after a successful payment
$response = $client->createInvoice($amount, $assetCode, $assetScale, $webhook, ["reason" => "more stuff"]);

Get Invoice

# The parameter corresponds to a URL of an invoice.
$invoice = $client->getInvoice("http://localhost:6000/06bb8852-b6cb-45f4-ba99-7e8809903db1");