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Serializard is a library for (un)serialization of data of any complexity. Its main focus is to give user as much flexibility as possible by delegating the (un)serialization logic to the programmer to encourage good object design and only supervising the process hiding the unpleasant details about it.


This library is available on Composer/Packagist as thunderer/serializard.


Let's consider a simple User class with two properties and some setup code:

final class User
    private $id;
    private $name;

    public function __construct(int $id, string $name) { /* ... */ }

    public function getId() { return $this->id; }
    public function getName() { return $this->name; }

$user = new User(1, 'Thomas');

$formats = new FormatContainer();
$formats->add('json', new JsonFormat());

$hydrators = new FallbackHydratorContainer();
$normalizers = new FallbackNormalizerContainer();
$serializard = new Serializard($formats, $normalizers, $hydrators);


Serialization is controlled by registering handlers used in normalization phase:

$normalizers->add(User::class, function(User $user) {
    return [
        'id' => $user->getId(),
        'name' => $user->getName(),

$result = $serializard->serialize($user, 'json');
// result is {"id":1,"name":"Thomas"}


Unserialization can be controlled by registering callables able to reconstruct objects from data parsed from input text:

$hydrators->add(User::class, function(array $data) {
    return new User($data['id'], $data['name']);

$json = '{"id":1,"name":"Thomas"}';
$user = $serializard->unserialize($json, User::class, 'json');


  • JSON in JsonFormat converts objects to JSON,
  • Array in ArrayFormat just returns object graph normalized to arrays of scalars,
  • YAML in YamlFormat converts objects to YAML (uses symfony/yaml),
  • XML in XmlFormat converts objects to XML (uses ext-dom).


See LICENSE file in the main directory of this library.