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Thruway Client is an open source client for Thruway and the WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol), for PHP.

Thruway uses (reactphp); an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, perfect for modern real-time applications.

Supported WAMP Features

Basic Spec read more

  • Publish and Subscribe
  • Remote Procedure Calls
  • Websocket Transport
  • Internal Transport*
  • JSON serialization

Advanced Spec read more

  • RawSocket Transport
  • Authentication
    • WAMP Challenge-Response Authentication
    • Custom Authentication Methods
  • Publish & Subscribe
    • Subscriber Black and Whitelisting
    • Publisher Exclusion
    • Publisher Identification
  • Remote Procedure Calls
    • Caller Identification
    • Progressive Call Results
    • Caller Exclusion
    • Canceling Calls

* Thruway specific features


Thruway Client is only supported on PHP 5.6 and up.

Quick Start with Composer

The below instructions actually install the Thruway Router and Client for test purposes. The client can also be installed without the router in your own project.

Create a directory for the test project

  $ mkdir thruway

Switch to the new directory

  $ cd thruway

Download Composer more info

  $ curl -sS | php

Download Thruway and dependencies

  $ php composer.phar require voryx/thruway

Start the WAMP router

  $ php vendor/voryx/thruway/Examples/SimpleWsRouter.php

Thruway is now running on port 9090

PHP Client Example


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Thruway\ClientSession;
use Thruway\Peer\Client;
use Thruway\Transport\PawlTransportProvider;

$client = new Client("realm1");
$client->addTransportProvider(new PawlTransportProvider("ws://"));

$client->on('open', function (ClientSession $session) {

    // 1) subscribe to a topic
    $onevent = function ($args) {
        echo "Event {$args[0]}\n";
    $session->subscribe('com.myapp.hello', $onevent);

    // 2) publish an event
    $session->publish('com.myapp.hello', ['Hello, world from PHP!!!'], [], ["acknowledge" => true])->then(
        function () {
            echo "Publish Acknowledged!\n";
        function ($error) {
            // publish failed
            echo "Publish Error {$error}\n";

    // 3) register a procedure for remoting
    $add2 = function ($args) {
        return $args[0] + $args[1];
    $session->register('com.myapp.add2', $add2);

    // 4) call a remote procedure
    $session->call('com.myapp.add2', [2, 3])->then(
        function ($res) {
            echo "Result: {$res}\n";
        function ($error) {
            echo "Call Error: {$error}\n";


Javascript Clients

You can also use AutobahnJS or any other WAMPv2 compatible client.

Here are some [examples] (

Here's a plunker that will allow you to run some tests against a local router

For AngularJS on the frontend, use the Angular WAMP wrapper.