Thruster HttpModifier Collection of Modifiers

1.2.0 2016-02-12 17:09 UTC

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The Thruster HttpModifier Collection of Modifiers


Via Composer

$ composer require thruster/http-modifiers

Available Modifiers

Name Type Description
AddClientUserAgentModifier RequestModifier Adds User-Agent header to RequestInterface
AddServerPoweredByModifier ResponseModifier Adds X-Powered-By header to Response Interface
AddServerTimeModifier ResponseModifier Adds Date header to Response Interface with gmdate
ParseCookieParamModifier ServerRequestModifier Parses Cookie header and fills ServerRequestInterface::cookieParams
ParseJsonRequestBodyModifier ServerRequestModifier Parses json body and fills ServerRequestInterface::parsedBody
ParseMultiPartBodyModifier ServerRequestModifier Parses multipart body and fills ServerRequestInterface::parsedBody and ServerRequestInterface::uploadedFiles
ParseQueryParamModifier ServerRequestModifier Parses getUri()->getQuery() and fills ServerRequestInterface::queryParams
ParseURLEncodedBodyModifier ServerRequestModifier Parses url-encoded body and fills ServerRequestInterface::parsedBody


$ composer test


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