This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.
There is no license information available for the latest version (dev-master) of this package.

dev-master 2013-11-14 11:24 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

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Update your composer.json file to include this package as a dependency

"thomaswelton/laravel-facebook": "dev-master"

Register the Facebook service provider by adding it to the providers array in the app/config/app.php file.


Alias the Facebook facade by adding it to the aliases array in the app/config/app.php file.

'aliases' => array(
	'Facebook' => 'Thomaswelton\LaravelFacebook\Facades\Facebook'


Copy the config file into your project by running

php artisan config:publish thomaswelton/laravel-facebook

Edit the config file to include your app ID and secret key.


This Facebook class extends the Facebook PHP SDK, so all the methods listed here are available, as well as the folowing.


Get a share URL. If you have not set your app ID then the URL will use the old sharer.php urls as they do not require an app ID or redirect_url

$shareData = array(
    'link' => '', // url
    'picture' => '', // picture url
    'name' => '', // Title
    'caption' => '', // Caption
    'description' => '', // Description

echo Facebook::getShareUrl($shareData);


For page tab apps, will let you know if a user has liked the page. Returns

  • 1 - Liked
  • 0 - Not liked
  • -1 - Don't know either way