A collection of classes that make the foundation of all ThinFrame components

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#ThinFrame Foundation

Is a collection of classes that make the foundation of all ThinFrame components.

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  1. TypeCheck
  2. AbstractEnum


TypeHinting for primary types

Sample usage:

use ThinFrame\Foundation\Constant\DataType;
use ThinFrame\Foundation\Helper\TypeCheck;

function myAwesomeFunction($stringVariable, \Exception $exception, $boolVariable)
    //if any of the above arguments doesn't respect the type an invalid argument exception will be thrown
    TypeCheck::doCheck(DataType::STRING, DataType::SKIP, DataType::BOOLEAN);

If any of the function arguments doesn't match the given type, and InvalidArgumentException will be thrown. Argument types are specified in order of the declaration (check ThinFrame\Foundation\Constants\DataType for possible data types. DataType::SKIP is used to skip the validation of a argument.


Enum implementation for PHP. An enumeration is defined using constants and it also can be instantiated.

use ThinFrame\Foundation\DataType\AbstractEnum;

class WeekDay extends AbstractEnum
    const MONDAY    = 1;
    const TUESDAY   = 2;
    const WEDNESDAY = 3;
    const THURSDAY  = 4;
    const FRIDAY    = 5;
    const SATURDAY  = 6;
    const SUNDAY    = 7;

//constructor will accept only valid enum values
$weekDay = new WeekDay(WeekDay::SUNDAY);

$weekDay->equals(WeekDay::SUNDAY); // true
$weekDay->equals(WeekDay::MONDAY); // false (captain obvious)

WeekDay::getMap(); //Map with enum key=>value pairs

WeekDay::isValid(5); //true
WeekDay::isValid(9); //false

WeekDay::type(); //callback that will validate a given enum value. Used for TypeCheck


  • via Composer: "thinframe/foundation":"0.3.*"



  • MIT