Transposes JSON data from the request into form data on the request.

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Transpose data from decoded POSTed JSON to form data request parameters in Symfony

You may run into the situation where your Symfony app is not necessarily receiving POST requests that contain form data, but contain JSON instead, for example, if your front-end is sending XHR requests as application/json rather than actually submitting an HTML form. If you're performing form validation using symfony/form, you'll notice that Form::handleRequest(Request $request) will completely ignore the JSON in the request body of application/json requests.

This listener intercepts POSTed application/json requests, decodes the content, and applies each property/value of the decoded data to the request's parameters. Then, in your controller actions,Form::handleRequest(Request $request) will behave as expected, as if it were receiving a standard application/x-www-form-urlencoded request containing the same data.

Integrating with a Symfony application

Until I can get a Symfony flex recipe published, you'll need to manually copy the config file to your project's config directory, or manually copy the content of the config file into your configuration somewhere. I've only needed to use this on a Symfony4 project, so if you need to use it on a previous version, you're more than welcome to make a PR with the appropriate dependency alterations.

Constructor arguments

The constructor accepts two optional boolean arguments, $rethrowDecoderException and $checkIsXmlHttpRequest, that can be adjusted in the service definition. $rethrowDecoderException determines if an exception caught while decoding the JSON should be rethrown. $checkIsXmlHttpRequest determines if Request::isXmlHttpRequest() should be called when conditionally checking the request.