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1.0 2015-05-27 10:12 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-10-14 13:50:28 UTC



  1. Description

  2. Install

  3. Usage

  4. Description

This module provides a search pop-in for the front office based on IndexEngine module.

This is an integration example of the "products" index, provided by default with IndexEngine module.

  1. Install

You can install this module with composer:

$ php composer.phar require thelia/product-search-module:~1.0

This module requires IndexEngine module to work.

  1. Usage

Go to your backOffice and activate the module. A search button should have appeared in your front navbar.

This module provides an overlay to index engine's search for products, using its default configuration.

You can require it this way:

{javascripts file="assets/js/SearchEngine.js" source="IndexEngine"}
    <script src="{$asset_url}"></script>

{javascripts file="assets/js/productsearch.js" source="ProductSearch"}
    <script src="{$asset_url}"></script>

You can improve your search with the following constructor parameters:

Name Default value Definition
locale en_US The current site locale
currency USD The current site currency code
currencySymbol $ The current site currency symbol
templateItem $('#item-template').html() The item template to use
noResultTemplate Sorry, no result for you search The template to display if no product is found
listResult document.getElementById('list-result') The
  • element to inject the result list on
searchButton search-button The search button ID
closeButton close-search The search overlay close button ID
submitSearch search-query-form The search tag ID
inputSubmitSearch search-query The search tag ID
searchBlock search-block The search overlay container ID
pageWrapper page The page container class
apiUrl /api/public/search Relative search API url
indexCode products The index configuration code
params {} The filter parameters. Example: {"ref":["LIKE", '']}