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1.0 2015-05-27 10:12 UTC

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  1. Description

  2. Install

  3. Documentation

  4. Common problems

  5. Description

IndexEngine is a module that let you configure the search engines that you want to use, the data that you want to send to them.

It provides an high-level API to use any search engine with any data indifferently.

Warning: This module is dedicated to developers, you can't use it as a standalone.

If you want to see how to integrate it, please take a look at ProductSearch module

  1. Install

With composer:

$ php composer.phar require thelia/index-engine-module:~1.0

Then install the libraries you need.

Example with Elasticsearch (currently, this is installed by default):

$ php composer.phar require elasticsearch/elasticsearch:~1.0
  1. Documentation

See here for the documentation summary.

  1. Common problems

When I use the console to index data, all my URL leads to http://localhost

You have to configure the url_site Thelia system variable to get the proper urls while indexing data with the console