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Currency Converter is a Library which helps you to convert a number from a currency to an another one. The converter uses provider for converting the number. Each provider embed the logic for converting this number.

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Currency Converter is still in development and doesn't have stable version for now.

Install Currency Converter through Composer

Create a composer.json file in your project with this content :

    "require": {
        "thelia/currency-converter": "~1.0"



First, instantiate a Provider of your choice

$provider = new \Thelia\CurrencyConverter\Provider\ECBProvider();

Then inject it in the CurrencyConverter

$currencyConverty = new \Thelia\CurrencyConverter\CurrencyConverter($provider);

Your CurrencyConverter is now ready to be used. This library works with ISO Code 4217 currency.

Example :

$baseValue = new \Thelia\Math\Number('1');

$convertedValue = $currencyConverter
echo $baseValue->getNumber(); //1.24


A provider implements a simple interface and contains all the logic for converting a Number from a Currency to an other one. Most of time a provider will use a webservice for getting the exchange rate between two currencies.

List of available providers :

Provider Description
European Central Bank All currencies quoted against the euro (base currency)
My Currency Almost all currencies.