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This package is a bridge between container-intop's service providers and YACO (the PSR-11 compliant container compiler).

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Bridge between container-interop's service providers and YACO

This package is a bridge between container-interop's service providers and YACO, the PSR-11 compliant container compiler.

Using this package, you can use Yaco to generate PSR-11 compliant containers that contain the services provided by container-interop's service providers.


composer require thecodingmachine/yaco-service-provider

Loading a service provider into Yaco

use TheCodingMachine\Yaco\Compiler;
use TheCodingMachine\Yaco\ServiceProvider\ServiceProviderLoader;

// Create your YACO compiler.
$compiler = new Compiler();

// Create your service provider loader
$serviceProviderLoader = new ServiceProviderLoader($compiler);

// Load service providers into Yaco:

// Services are now available in Yaco, we just need to dump the container:
$code = $compiler->compile('MyContainer');
file_put_contents(__DIR__.'/MyContainer.php', $code);

Autodiscovering service providers using Puli

If the service providers you are loading are publishing themselves on Puli, you can easily use Puli's discovery mechanism to load the services:

// The discoverAndLoad function takes a Puli discovery instance in parameter.
// It will discover and load service providers automatically.