Stick, super stick or tag stick discussions to the top of the list.

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Stick, super stick or tag stick discussions to the top of the list.


Super Sticky Discussion


composer require the-turk/flarum-stickiest:^2.0.1


composer update the-turk/flarum-stickiest:^2.0.1
php flarum cache:clear

Upgrading from previous beta versions (thanks for the test drive, upgrading to stable will cause losing your sticky discussion configurations - I didn't want to perform extra operations to keep them as the extension was in beta phase):

php flarum migrate:reset --extension the-turk-stickiest
composer remove the-turk/flarum-stickiest
composer require flarum/sticky
composer require the-turk/flarum-stickiest:^2.0.1
php flarum cache:clear


You may find this complicated in first use but I bet you'll get used to it.

Enable the extension and set the permissions, choose a badge for super stickied discussions if you like. Now you have couple of options to change sticky discussion's behavior:

  1. Stick the discussion like you usually do and they'll behave as you're using the good ol' flarum/sticky extension.

  2. Stick the discussion and then "super stick" it from the discussion's controls. They'll stick on top of the "All Discussions" list no matter what. These type of discussions shouldn't affect the behavior of non-super-stickied (which I call "Common Sticky") discussions.

  3. Stick or super stick the discussion as described above, and click on the "Tag Sticky" button that located in the discussion's controls. Now the discussion should stick only to their tags and won't show up in the "All Discussions" list (even if they have unread posts). Click on the "All Sticky" button to undo it.