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Stargazing theme for your forum.

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0.1.1 2020-03-05 19:20 UTC


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Purple based theme for for your Flarum forum.

Hello all, i've just spilled some purple on the "Dark Flarum" design. I inspired by some space photos (like this one) and Travis Scott of course 😄 It's only available in dark mode and the opposite is not one of my plans for now.

Alright, i hope you like it. Here are screenshots:


  • Relocatable sidebar.
  • Optional stars background (powered by bubbly-bg).
  • Tested on Firefox 72, Chrome 79 & IE 11.
  • Clean, modern and fully responsive.


Use Bazaar or install manually:

composer require the-turk/flarum-stargazing-theme


composer update the-turk/flarum-stargazing-theme
php flarum cache:clear


Just enable dark mode and the extension, customize it if you wish.

You may want to backup & remove your color involved CSS modifications.

Please note that Appearance > Colors settings won't work for forum's front-end as well as the fof/nightmode extension.


It's best to use this design with the following extensions:

  1. Summaries by jordanjay29
composer require jordanjay29/flarum-ext-summaries