Do not mark posts as Edited based on some conditions.

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0.1.3 2021-06-27 14:46 UTC

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As I promised in @"Kylo"#p121339, this is a preparation for next version of my Diff extension. I'm not sure if I picked the right title for this extension 🤔. Anyways, edits made within the grace period immediately after posting will not be considered as formal edits. You can also ignore whitespace and case differences independently from the grace period.

  • And again, it's based on @jfcherng's diff repository.
  • It raises new events for developers, called PostWasRevisedQuietly & PostWasRevisedLoudly



php ext-iconv

You can check your php version by running php -v and check if iconv is installed by running php --ri iconv (which should display iconv support => enabled).


composer require the-turk/flarum-quiet-edits


composer update the-turk/flarum-quiet-edits
php flarum cache:clear


Enable the extension. The grace period is 120 seconds, whitespace and case differences will be ignored by default.