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Spiget4PHP is a PHP-wrapper for the Spiget-API created by inventivetalent (GitHub | Website)


You can install the Spiget4PHP core using composer (View on packagist):

composer require th3shadowbroker/spiget4php

If you want to work more object-oriented it's recommended to install the obj-package too. (View on packagist | Git)

composer require th3shadowbroker/spiget4php-obj


require 'SpigetAPI.php';
use de\m4taiori\spiget4php\SpigetAPI as SpigetAPI;

//Yes you can use 'new' but getInstance() is a better way because you don't have to create a ton of instances.
$spiget = SpigetAPI::getInstance();

 * Some functions use optional arguments/parameters. Use null if you want to use the default value
 * defined by the spiget-web-api.
 * Nearly all functions in this lib throw SpigetExceptions if something's going horribly wrong or is just invalid. However
 * if you want to receive nulls instead of exceptions you can disable exceptions by using setThrowExceptions()
 * at any time.

//Let's get a list of the categories
$categories = $spiget->getCategoryList();

//All results will be returned as PHP assoc.-array
var_dump($categories); //<-- Let's see the result as it is in PHP

Suggestions and issues

If you have any suggestions or want to report an issue don't be afraid of using the issue-tracker. However most of the time I'm not able to work on my "freetime-projects" so feel free to submit pull-request even if you've only corrected a typo :octocat:

Plans for the future

I've already planned the implementation of the webhook-support provided by spiget. I haven't implemented webhook-support yet because I don't need it for my purposes at the moment.


If you want to learn more about Spiget4PHP visit the docs.


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