Symfony bundle for our Webling API client

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1.0.0 2016-12-06 15:23 UTC

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A Symfony bundle for our webling.ch API client.

This bundle is currently used for our own projects and might not support all cases. Feel free to open issues or pull requests for questions or feature requests.


$ composer.phar require terminal42/webling-bundle ^2.0@dev


The following config options are available (usually add to app/config/config.yml).

    subdomain:      ""   # Mandatory; Your Webling subdomain
    api_key:        ""   # Mandatory; Your API key
    api_version:    ~    # Optional; Defaults to the API version in EntityManager (v1)
    entity_factory: ~    # Optional; Replace default class to create custom entity instances

Available services

The bundle will provide services for all repositories and some more (see services.xml). The useful ones:

  • terminal42_webling.entity_manager preconfigured with the configuration (see above).
  • terminal42_webling.repository.member to find and fetch members.
  • terminal42_webling.repository.membergroup to find and fetch member groups.
  • terminal42_webling.repository.article to find and fetch articles.
  • terminal42_webling.repository.articlegroup to find and fetch article groups.
  • terminal42_webling.repository.document to find and fetch documents.
  • terminal42_webling.repository.documentgroup to find and fetch document groups.