Adds Symfony Webpack Encore integration to Contao page layouts.

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1.0.0 2024-03-18 13:58 UTC

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terminal42/contao-webpack-encore is an extension for the Contao CMS.

It allows you to integrate Encore entrypoints into Contao, either through the page layout, through .html5-Template methods or through insert tags.

If you use Twig templates, you can use the regular Symfony Encore Bundle features.


Choose the installation method that matches your workflow!

Installation via Contao Manager

Search for terminal42/contao-webpack-encore in the Contao Manager and add it to your installation. Apply changes to update the packages.

Manual installation

Add a composer dependency for this bundle. Therefore, change in the project root and run the following:

composer require terminal42/contao-webpack-encore

Depending on your environment, the command can differ, i.e. starting with php composer.phar … if you do not have composer installed globally.

Then, update the database via the contao:migrate command or the Contao install tool.


The Contao Manager Plugin will automatically try to detect an entrypoints.json in your public web directory. If none is found, or you would like to manually configure it, adjust the Symfony webpack_encore.output_path accordingly: https://symfony.com/bundles/WebpackEncoreBundle/current/index.html


This bundle is released under the MIT license