Laravel soft deletes optimization for high load queries

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This package is mostly for high load apps. It will speed up queries with soft deletes. Boolean field is much better for indexing instead of unique timestamps.


Via Composer

$ composer require tenantcloud/laravel-boolean-softdeletes

Add Webkid\LaravelBooleanSoftdeletes\SoftDeletesBoolean trait to models with soft deletes.

Then create and run migration to add soft delete boolean field

Schema::table('users', function (Blueprint $table) {

If you want to use this package for existing project you can use built-in command

php artisan softdeletes:migrate

Also you can change default column name is_deleted to any other by setting static property IS_DELETEDof certain model

Versions compatibility

For Laravel 5 - laravel-boolean-softdeletes 0.1.2
For Laravel 6 - laravel-boolean-softdeletes 1.0.0
For Laravel 7 - laravel-boolean-softdeletes 2.0.0
For Laravel 8 - laravel-boolean-softdeletes 3.*

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$ composer test


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