Google Cloud PubSub driver for Laravel/Lumen Queue.

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A Google Cloud PubSub driver for Laravel/Lumen Queue.

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You can easily install this package via Composer using this command:

composer require twipi-group/googlecloud-pubsub-laravel-queue-driver


Register this package by adding the following line to the autoloaded service providers of your config/app.php file:



For Lumen usage, the service provider should be registered manually as follow in your boostrap/app.php file:



Add new connection named gcpubsub to your config/queue.php file. You can customize the following options directly from your .env file.

'gcpubsub' => [
    'driver' => 'gcpubsub',
    'project_id' => env('PUBSUB_PROJECT_ID', 'google-cloud-project-id'), // Google cloud project id
    'queue' => env('PUBSUB_QUEUE_DEFAULT', 'default'), // Default queue name corresponding to the gc pubsub topic
    'topic_suffix' => env('PUBSUB_TOPIC_SUFFIX', ''),
    'subscriber_suffix' => env('PUBSUB_SUBSCRIBER_SUFFIX', ''),
    'max_tries' => env('PUBSUB_JOB_MAX_TRIES', 1), // Number of times the job may be attempted.
    'retry_delay' => env('PUBSUB_JOB_RETRY_DELAY', 0), // Delay in seconds before retrying a job that has failed 

Running The Queue Worker

You may run the worker using the queue:work Artisan command. (Laravel documentation)

php artisan queue:work gcpubsub [--queue=myqueue]

When APP_DEBUG=true in your .env file, you can check google cloud subscribers from the queue worker output.


vendor/bin/phpunit tests


You can contribute to this package by discovering bugs, opening issues or purpose new features.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See License file for more information.