A flexible framework to build, run, and scale blockchain apps with PHP. Perform local wallet operations (mnemonic, xpub, private key) for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BSC, Litecoin, Celo, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Harmony.ONE, KCS, Klaytn, Polygon, Tron, VeChain and XDC.

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Tatum - PHP SDK

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This is the official Tatum SDK for PHP version 2.0.0 based on API version 3.17.2.

What is Tatum?

Tatum offers a flexible framework to build, run, and scale blockchain apps fast. To learn more about the Tatum blockchain development framework, visit our website.

The Tatum API features powerful endpoints that simplify a complex blockchain into single API requests. Code for all supported blockchains using unified API calls.

Need help?

To chat with other developers, get help from the Support team, and engage with the thriving Tatum community, join our Discord server. For more information about how to work with Tatum, review the API documentation.

Getting started

Simply clone this repository and load it with a PSR-4 autoloader.

You can also install the SDK with Composer:

composer require tatumio/tatum-php

More information is available in the SDK documentation.