User interfaces and provider for CodeIgniter 4

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User interfaces and provider for CodeIgniter 4

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Quick Start

  1. Install with Composer: > composer require tatter/users
  2. Check the list of supported factories or provide your own
  3. Access users and their methods through the provided service:
$users = service('users'); // instance of Tatter\Users\UserFactory
$user  = $users->findByEmail('bill@example.com'); // instance of Tatter\Users\UserEntity
echo $user->getUsername(); // "billy_jean"


Not an authentication module itself, Tatter\Users brings common interfaces and factory discovery to simplify user integration into other libraries and projects.


Install easily via Composer to take advantage of CodeIgniter 4's autoloading capabilities and always be up-to-date:

  • > composer require tatter/users

Or, install manually by downloading the source files and adding the directory to app/Config/Autoload.php.


The core of Users are the interfaces for User Entities and User Factories. Your project can use the built-in classes or provide its own implementation, and any library that uses Tatter\Users will then be able to work with your user classes. Currently the following libraries are supported natively and with discovery:

Discovery will return the first UserFactory implementation it can locate with the following priorities:

  1. A UserFactory implementation called "UserModel" returned by the framework's model factory. Equivalent to:

    $users = model('UserModel', ['instanceOf' => UserFactory::class])

  2. A discovered compatible library from UserProvider.

Note: If your implementation is not compatible with number one then you may supply it to the provider directly:

\Tatter\Users\UserProvider::addFactory(MyDiscoveryClass::class, MyFactory::class);


Once you have the necessary classes available the easiest way to access them is through the Users Service:

$users = service('users')->findByEmail('bill@example.com'); // instance of Tatter\Users\UserFactory
$user  = $users->findByEmail('bill@example.com'); // instance of Tatter\Users\UserEntity


The User Factory interface defines the following methods:

  • findById()
  • findByEmail()
  • findByUsername()


The User Entity interface defines the following methods:

  • getIdentifier()
  • getId()
  • getEmail()
  • getUsername()
  • getName()
  • isActive()

There are extended interfaces in the Tatter\Users\Interfaces namespace that provide additional methods which may be required by some libraries. Check your library's requirements to make sure you are using all the required interfaces.


There are convenience test cases in Tatter\Users\Test to enable other libraries to add and test their own classes. If you are looking to test your user interfaces without committing to a specific provider then consider adding Tatter\Imposter - a mock authentication library that is fully compliant with Tatter\Users.


Pull Requests are accepted for additional libraries and adapters. Please include the appropriate tests and provider code if you wish to support discovery. Requests for additional implementations should be opened as a Feature Request Issue and fulfillment will depend on availability and sponsorship (see "Sponsor this project").