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I create laravel applications very often. Therefore I want to increase my productivity by auto generating the important, but boring aspects of my Laravel appz. The code is a bit messy, but I strive to make improvements. I have tested it on existing medium to large applications without any problems

What this package will generate (via php artisan)

  • Models with belongsTo belongsToMany and hasMany relations (Optionally with policies and observers). These are generated using your current connection.
  • Factories with belongsTo relations and Faker . These are generated using your existing models.
  • Repositories (Repository pattern). These are generated using your existing models.
  • Controllers with Routes and Requests (Optionally with the usage of policies).
  • Unit tests. These are generated from your defined routes at api.php

okkk Show me some generated code, cowboy!

Here is an example of what will be generated

Getting started

This package requires php 7.2 and was built using Laravel 6.0 but might work in 5.5+ with some tweaks

  • install with composer composer require tarre/laravel-kickstarter --dev
  • publish config php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laravel-kickstarter
  • look thru and adjust config\laravel-kickstarter.php to your liking before starting.
  • Check out the documentation for more info

All available commands (Cheat sheet)

  • kickstart:models {--create-observers} {--create-policies} {--ide-helper} {--connection=} {--overwrite} {--ignore-providers} {--filter=.*}
  • kickstart:factories {--overwrite} {--filter=.*}
  • kickstart:repositories {--overwrite} {--ignore-providers} {--filter=.*}
  • kickstart:controllers {--use-policies} {--overwrite} {--filter=.*}
  • kickstart:tests {--overwrite} {--filter=.*}