A SwiftMailer plugin that stores a copy of all sent messages to a folder on an IMAP email server.

1.0.2 2019-04-12 09:34 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-12 21:42:45 UTC


This is a plugin for SwiftMailer that stores all* sent email messages to an IMAP server (or servers).

*) Optionally you can use a callback function to create a custom filter that can prevent saving messages if needed.

This feature only works with IMAP servers, any other protocols are not supported! It does not matter, which protocol was originally used to send the message.


  • SwiftMailer 5 or 6
  • PHP imap extension


composer require taitava/swiftmailer-imapsentfolder


use \Taitava\ImapSentFolder\ImapSentFolderPlugin;
$mailer = Swift_Mailer::newInstance();

// Define mailboxes like this:
$mailboxes = [
     'email.address@somedomain.tld' => [
             'host' => 'imap.somedomain.tld',
             'port' => 993,
             'username' => 'email.address',
             'password' => 'verysecretdonotsharepubliclyintheinternet',
        'sent_folder' => 'Sent',
     'default' => [
             'host' => 'imap.somedomain.tld',
             'port' => 993,
             'username' => 'other.account',
             'password' => 'verysecretdonotsharepubliclyintheinternet',
        'sent_folder' => 'Sent',

$plugin = new ImapSentFolderPlugin($mailboxes);


The plugin will automatically pick the correct mailbox by inspecting the 'From' field from the email message that was sent. If the email address is not found from the $mailboxes array, the plugin will use the mailbox defined with the key 'default'. You should always define a default mailbox if its possible that mail is sent from unforeseen email addresses!

Control what gets saved and what not

You can define a custom callback function that will be called right before saving a sent email message.

use \Taitava\ImapSentFolder\ImapSentFolderPlugin;
$plugin = new ImapSentFolderPlugin($mailboxes);

$plugin->setCallBeforeSaving(function (Swift_Mime_Message $email_message){
        // ... Inspect the $email_message instance ...

        // ... Decide not to save this message ...
        return false;

        // ... Decide to accept saving the message ...
        return true;

        // ... If you do not write a 'return' statement or if you return null, saving is also accepted ...


Ideas (and pull requests) are welcome :). No big plans at the moment, I'm considering this plugin quite complete. But will try to fix issues if any arise.


Oh, it's just me. Too lazy to write my name. :)