A SilverStripe wrapper for Slick carousel: "the last carousel you'll ever need".

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A Slick carousel wrapper for SilverStripe. See: http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/


  • SilverStripe 4 (use this module's release line 2.0 and onwards)
  • Or: SilverStripe 3 (use this module's release line 1.x)
  • unclecheese/display-logic module (any version that is compatible with SS4/SS3)


THE README IS COMING! If you need it, please raise an issue about the readme, and I will hurry with it. But don't be afraid, the module is quite easy to use. The simplest setup contains just a few steps:

  1. Extend your Page class with Taitava\SlickCarousel\CarouselExtension (or SiteTree class or any other class derived from SiteTree). Create a new file app/_config/slickcarousel.yml and put this content there:
    - Taitava\SlickCarousel\CarouselExtension
  1. Put $Carousel inside your Page.ss (or similar) layout template.
  2. Run /dev/build?flush=all
  3. Go to the CMS and go to edit some page and look for the new Carousel tab.

Slick carousel options can be configured via YAML:

    autoplay: true

The autoplay option is just an example. For a complete list of available options, please see: http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/#settings

The module is still under development, so I don't consider it stable yet. (Update 2017-01-14: I'm using this module on a few websites in production and the module has done it's job well so far, but please let me know if you encounter any problems). However, Slick is stable so there's actually not much that can break, as the wrapper is quite simple! :)

Optional settings

You can tweak these settings in app/_config/slickcarousel.yml. Here are the options are listed with default values.

  cms_slides_per_page: 50        #How many slides to list in a single page in the Carousel tab in the CMS.
  image_placement: background    #Where to place the slide's image inside the carousel slide <div> element:
	                         # - 'background': the image will be used as the <div>'s background-image.
	                         # - 'before-content': the image will be used as an <img> element before the HTML contained in the Content field.
	                         # - 'after-content': the image will be used as an <img> element after the HTML contained in the Content field.
  use_image_dimensions: false    # Whether or not to set the slide <div> element's width and/or height to be the same as the image's width and/or
	                         # height. Can be useful when $image_placement is 'background' and you are not using constant dimensions that you
	                         # define in your CSS. Possible values:
	                         # - false
	                         # - 'width-only'
	                         # - 'height-only'
	                         # - true (both width and height)
  slick_options:                 # Options to pass to the Slick jQuery plugin during initialization. With these you can greatly affect the behaviour
    (an empty array by default   # of the carousel in the frontend.
    so all Slick's default       # This array can contain any option that is mentioned here: http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/#settings
    values apply by default)     # The options are passed as-is, so if new versions of Slick define new options, no PHP code modifications are needed.
	                         # You just need to manually upgrade the included Slick JavaScript library.
  default_sort: Sort             #The default sort order is the order how the slides are drag&dropped in the CMS.
                                 #If you want to randomize the order, set this to 'RAND()'.