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3.0.0 2019-04-21 10:43 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-29 03:18:28 UTC


Uses lightbox 2 to create a simple image gallery in SilverStripe.

Sorry, a better readme is still under construction.

This is compatible with SilverStripe 4. If you need to use this with SilverStripe 3, check release line 2.x for older versions.

Configuration options

These are the default values:

  use_bootstrap: true
  use_flexbox: true #Better center images vertically and horizontally. Newest browsers support this in 2016.
  require_bootstrap: false #Set to true if your theme does not include bootstrap already and if you want the module to inject boostrap classes to the GalleryPage. Has no effect if use_boostrap is false.
  allow_image_groups: false #If true, GalleryPages can be divided to multiple sections containing their own sets of images
  allow_direct_images: false #If true, in addition to putting images to groups, they can be directly linked to GalleryPage. If allow_image_groups is false, then this option is always true!
  thumbnail_width: *your-custom-value in px*
    xs: *your custom value from 1 to 12*
    sm: *your custom value from 1 to 12*
    md: *your custom value from 1 to 12*
    lg: *your custom value from 1 to 12*
    xl: *your custom value from 1 to 12*
  thumbnail_height: *your-custom-value in px*