Modular Authentication system supprting a number of authentication methods

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Camelot auth is A Modular based Authentication library


Camelot-Auth is provided as a Composer package which can be installed by adding the package to your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "t4s/camelot-auth": "1.0.*"

Currently Supported Authentication Protocols

Camelot Auth (will) support the following authentication protocols

  • Local(form) authentication
  • Oauth V1 Authentication
    • Twitter (complete)
  • Oauth V2 Authentication

    • Facebook (complete)
    • Google (G+, YouTube, etc) (complete)
    • GitHub (complete)
    • Windows Live (complete)
    • Foursquare (complete)
    • LinkedIn (complete)
  • Oauth V2 Server Authentication

  • SAML V2 Authentication
  • LDAP (ActiveDirectory)
  • OpenID
  • Yubii Key

because of the driver based design additional authentication protocols can be easily added


Installation of Camelot-Auth is quite simple. but just in case we have created a number of tutorials to help you get Camelot-Auth up and running in no time

  1. Laravel 4 Installation
  2. Native Installation

Driver Setup