Adds Font Awesome icon tab for pages and content elements.

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0.0.1 2020-05-30 07:16 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-15 20:34:57 UTC


Packagist Software License Brightside

TYPO3 CMS extension for Font Awesome icons

Adds Icon tab for content elements and pages.

System requirements

  • TYPO3 9.5 – 10.4 LTS


  • Icon tab for pages, content elements and system categories
  • Icon search by keyword
  • Show active icon
  • Manually write icon code


  • From TER: awesomeicons, or composer: t3brightside/awesomeicons
  • Include static template if Font Awesome is not loaded in your system.
  • Change template constant to include CSS from local source. CDN version is used by default.
  • Check extension configuration for disabling icon tabs or enabling only for certain content types.


  • No front end rendering included. This you have to do in your own templates.
  • Use tx_awesomeicons_icon field from tt_content and pages tables in your templates.

Example This could be your menu item:

<f:for each="{menuMain}" as="menuItem">
    <li class="{f:if(condition:menuItem.active, then:'act')}">
        <f:link.page pageUid="{menuItem.data.uid}" class="{f:if(condition:menuItem.active, then:'act')}">
            <f:if condition="{menuItem.data.tx_awesomeicons_icon}">
                <i class="{menuItem.data.tx_awesomeicons_icon}"></i>


Development and maintenance

Brightside OÜ – TYPO3 development and hosting specialised web agency


This extension uses quite a bit of code from Icon Content by Philipp Müller. Thank you Mr. Müller!