Prevents scroll jumps in TYPO3 CMS backend.

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2.0.2 2023-10-02 13:05 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-01 00:07:48 UTC


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TYPO3 CMS extension to prevent scroll jumps in the backend. It works in the page module as well as in the list view.


Just install the extension, like any other TYPO3 CMS extension. TYPO3 10 and 11 are supported.

Link to TER: https://extensions.typo3.org/extension/scroll

For Composer, you can use:

composer require t3/scroll


There is no configuration. Just install the extension and enjoy the experience :)

How it works

EXT:scroll registers two javascript modules (loaded by RequireJS) in the TYPO3 backend. One for the page module (ScrollPageModule.js) and another for the list view (ScrollRecordList.js).

Both scripts utilize the sessionStorage API to store the current scrollTop position, before unloading the page.

Next time the page is loaded and a scrollTop value for this page has been stored in sessionStorage, the script will scroll to the saved position.


If you like this TYPO3 extension, you can donate some funds to support further development. Thank you!

For help please visit the issue section on GitHub.

DDEV Environment

This repository contains a handy DDEV configuration, which allows you to run the extension in a local TYPO3 environment.

More info: https://github.com/a-r-m-i-n/ddev-for-typo3-extensions

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