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A Composer plugin to load WordPress themes and plugins from Envato.

💡 Always the latest version is installed, as Envato does not make other versions available. Package version locking can only be achieved by local persistent cache, not across hosts or users.


This Composer plugin adds a virtual package repository.

It is recommended to install it globally:

composer global require --update-no-dev szepeviktor/composer-envato

It can also be installed per-project:

composer require --update-no-dev szepeviktor/composer-envato


Add all your Envato products as "packages" in either the local composer.json file or the global config.json file (located in $COMPOSER_HOME).

You can find the item-id at the end of product URL-s. e.g.

    "config": {
        "envato": {
            "token": "YOUR ENVATO PERSONAL TOKEN FROM",
            "packages": {
                "envato/avada-theme": {
                    "item-id": 2833226,
                    "type": "wordpress-theme"
                "envato/layerslider-plugin": {
                    "item-id": 1362246,
                    "type": "wordpress-plugin"

💡 Please use the vendor name envato for consistency.

The personal token can also be read from an environment variable or a .env file. Create a .env file, where the composer.json file lives, and add the following:



Once the plugin is installed and configured, you can simply install any of the listed products as Composer packages.

💡 Envato API has dynamic rate limiting

Behind the scenes

  1. This package is a Composer plugin
  2. In the activate method it creates an ArrayRepository with package data from config.json
  3. Package version is queried from Envato API
  4. When installing a package its URL is also queried from Envato API
  • Pretty package version is e.g. v1.2
  • Normalized package version is e.g.