OroCRM Package, FullContact API for Contact entities

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Last update: 2024-04-09 04:53:52 UTC


This extension adds the possibility to get from FullContact API some social informations (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and GooglePlus) about your contacts. Everytime you add an email adress to a contact, the extension fetch data from FullContact API. This document contains information on how to download, install "OroCRM Contact Us" package.

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SynoFullContactBundle requires OroPlatform(BAP), OroCRM and PHP 5.4.4 or above.


Package is available through Oro Package Manager, you can install it with the following extension key : synolia/syno-orocrm-fullcontact.

You can install this package via the OroCRM interface or whit the Oro Command line:

php app/console oro:package:install synolia/syno-orocrm-fullcontact

For development purposes it might be cloned from github repository directly.

git clone


In order to use SynoFullContact properly, you need to get a FullContact API key at this adress:

And then, you must set the API key in

System > Configuration > General setup > Services > FullContact API

Use as dependency in composer

"require": {
    "synolia/syno-orocrm-fullcontact": "dev-master",