Audio file thumbnail generator for Spatie's Laravel Media Library

v2.0.0 2024-04-09 13:43 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-09 13:45:15 UTC


This audio image generator generates thumbnails for audio files uploaded through Spatie's Media Library, just as it already does for image, video, and PDF formats. By default they look like this:

Example waveform image

Spatie's docs have more details of how plugins integrate with Media Library. Thumbnails of a mono waveform of the whole audio file are generated using ffmpeg's waveform converter. It uses the same PHP FFMpeg package that is used for the video formats already supported by Media Library, so there are no additional dependencies.

Installation & configuration

Install using composer with:

composer require synchro/laravel-medialibrary-audio 

Installing Spatie's Media Library (version 9.1.0 or later) in your Laravel project will generate a config file in config/media-library.php. Add the audio waveform generator to the list of generators in the image_generators section, including optionally setting default width, height, foreground and background properties (default values shown):

'image_generators' => [
    Synchro\MediaLibrary\Conversions\ImageGenerators\AudioWaveform::class => [
        'width' => 2048,
        'height' => 2048,
        'foreground' => '#113554',
        'background' => '#CBE2F4',

These parameters are optional - you can leave them out if you're happy with the defaults.

Thumbnail colours

The waveform is drawn in the foreground colour, over the background colour. Both should be specified using standard HTML 6-digit hex values (with a leading #) passed through the media library config, as above.

Thumbnail sizing

The base size of the thumbnails can be set via the media library config, as shown above. The default is 2048 x 2048 pixels, neutral values chosen because audio files have no inherent size or aspect ratio. This is quite large, but since the images are very simple, they will compress very well in PNG format. This size doesn't directly affect the thumbnails delivered to clients because media library itself generates scaled-down versions to match client requests, however, it does have a direct effect on the aspect ratio of the thumbnails, so if you want a 16:9 ratio, change the height to 1152, or 1536 for 4:3.

Supported formats

  • aiff
  • flac
  • m4a
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • ogg
  • wav
  • wma

Running tests

If your local ffmpeg installation is in a different path you can use the environment variables to define your own path:

FFMPEG_PATH=/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg FFPROBE_PATH=/usr/local/bin/ffprobe vendor/bin/phpunit

Or on recent macOS with homebrew:

FFMPEG_PATH=/opt/homebrew/bin/ffmpeg FFPROBE_PATH=/opt/homebrew/bin/ffprobe vendor/bin/phpunit