Provides a command line tasks to operate with APC (APCu) cache from the console

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1.0.0 2016-12-16 13:06 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-11 22:02:07 UTC


Provide a command line to clear APC/APCu cache from the console.

The problem with APC/APCu is that it's impossible to clear it from command line. Because even if you enable APC/APCu for PHP CLI, it's a different instance than, say, your Apache PHP or PHP-CGI APC/APCu instance.

The trick here is to create a file in the web dir, execute it through HTTP, then remove it.


  1. Add it to your composer.json:

        "require": {
            "symbio/apc-bundle": "dev-master"


        composer require symbio/apc-bundle:dev-master
        composer update symbio/apc-bundle:dev-master
  2. Add this bundle to your application kernel:

     // app/AppKernel.php
     public function registerBundles()
         return array(
             // ...
             new Symbio\ApcBundle\SymbioApcBundle(),
             // ...
  3. Add parameter with website URL:

     # app/config/parameters.yml, app/config/parameters.yml.dist
  4. Configure symbio_apc service:

     # app/config/config.yml
         base_url:   %cache.base_url%/
         web_dir:    %kernel.root_dir%/../web
  5. Set Apache user write permissions to web_dir

     $ chmod 775 web


Clear all APC/APCu cache:

  $ php app/console symbio:apc:clear
  $ php app/console symbio:apcu:clear

Capifony usage

To automatically clear APC/APCu cache after each capifony deploy you can define a custom task

namespace :symfony do
  desc "Clear APC/APCu cache"
  task :clear_apc do
    capifony_pretty_print "--> Clear APC cache"
    run "#{try_sudo} sh -c 'cd #{latest_release} && #{php_bin} #{symfony_console} symbio:apc:clear --env=#{symfony_env_prod}'"

and add this hook

# apc
after "deploy", "symfony:clear_apc"

Nginx configuration

If you are using nginx and limiting PHP scripts that you are passing to fpm you need to allow 'APC/APCu' prefixed php files. Otherwise your web server will return the requested PHP file as text and the system won't be able to clear the APC/APCu cache.

Example configuration:

# Your virtual host
server {
  location ~ ^/(app|app_dev|apcu?-.*)\.php(/|$) { { # This will allow APC/APCu (apc-{MD5HASH}.php) files to be processed by fpm
    fastcgi_pass      ;