This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Plugin that allows customers to cancel the placed order before it is processed.


⚠️ BEWARE! This repository has been deprecated and will not be maintained or evolved by the Sylius Team. You can still use it with compatible Sylius versions, but at your own risk, as no bugs will be fixed on it.


Customer Order Cancellation Plugin


This plugin allows customers to cancel the placed order before it is processed.

Screenshot showing the customer's orders page with cancel buttons

Business Value

So far, once a Customer changed their mind about already placed Order, it was up to the Administrator to cancel the order. However, we have asked ourselves a question - why can't Customer cancel the order when it is yet to be paid? Here comes Customer Order Cancellation Plugin that allows canceling the unpaid order straight from the order history view.



This installation instruction assumes that you're using Symfony Flex. If you don't, take a look at the legacy installation instruction. However, we strongly encourage you to use Symfony Flex, it's much quicker! :)

To install plugin, just require it with composer:

composer require sylius/customer-order-cancellation-plugin

Remember to allow community recipes with composer config extra.symfony.allow-contrib true or during plugin installation process

Extension points

Customer Order Cancellation plugin uses Order entity derived from SyliusCoreBundle as well as its already defined states.

Default plugin implementation assumes that an Order can be canceled by a Customer when its payment state is awaiting_payment and shipment state equals ready. This conditions can be easily changed by creating a custom implementation of CustomerOrderCancellationCheckerInterface or decorating the existing one.

Security issues

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