Color manipulation tools and format conversion for PHP

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MrColor is a color manipulation library for PHP.

Check the docs/example.php file and the wiki here to get some good knowledge proper good like.

The package requires PHP 5.3 and is PSR-0 and PSR-1 compliant, I have tried to stick to PSR-2, but can not guarantee it throughout.

Basic Functionality


use SyHolloway\MrColor\Color;

// Create a new color object with the default value of black
$color = Color::create();

// Create a new color object setting the red, green and blue values
$color2 = Color::create(array(
    'red' => 200,
    'green' => 200,
    'blue' => 100

Now you have your MrColor object you can read and write to color formats as if they were properties.


use SyHolloway\MrColor\Color;

// Create a new color object setting the hue, saturation and lightness values
$color = Color::create(array(
    'hue' => 200,
    'saturation' => 0.5,
    'lightness' => 0.9

// The object was built with hsl, but format conversion happens on the fly
echo 'Hue = ' . $color->hue;
echo 'Red = ' . $color->red;
echo 'Hex = #' . $color->hex;

// Feel free to edit these properties...
$color->blue = 123; // Set blue to 123 on the 0-255 scale
$color->green -= 20; // 20 less green on the 0-255 scale
$color->lightness += 0.23; // 23% lighter

// ...And expect the update to happen across all formats
echo $color->hue;

Now you can use extensions (methods attached to the object) to perform some powerful operations the object.


use SyHolloway\MrColor\Color;

// Create a new color object setting the red value
$red = Color::create(array(
    'red' => 200

// Create another color object setting the blue value
$blue = Color::create(array(
    'blue' => 200

// Lighten the red by 8%

// Darken the blue by 12%

// Using the merge function on its own would alter the object it was used on.
	// So first we will clone one of the colors
	$copyOfBlue = $blue->copy();

	// We can now merge the copy of blue with red to make purple
	$purple = $copyOfBlue;

// This could all be alot tidier if we do some method chaining,
// because merge() both alters the object and returns it we can do this:
$purple = $blue->copy()->merge($red);

// Now if we want to get the complementry color to purple we can do so 
// using the getComplementary() method.
$yellowyGreen = $purple->getComplementary();

Just remember if you are using an extension that alters and returns a color object, and you want the object you are useing to remain unchanged, use the copy() method like I did on the example above to create a clone of the object first. If I didnt copy() $blue before I merged it, then ($blue === $purple).

Advanced Functionality

Check the Wiki to see how to extend MrColor without editing the source files.

Using with composer

If you want to use this package via composer you can add it to your applications composer.json file like this

"require" {
	"syholloway/mrcolor" : "0.*"

Now run a composer update command at the location of your applications composer.json file

Using without composer

If you want to use this package without composer you can use the following 2 lines to start an autoloader thats has been configured for this package


use SyHolloway\MrColor\Color;

require_once('path/to/this/package/' . 'manual-init.php');