This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Admin theme for Laravel 5.* application, based on AdminLTE

0.4.1 2017-03-06 10:44 UTC


Laravel Admin Theme

Laravel Admin Theme

Admin theme for your Laravel 5.* application. Inspired by AdminLTE template Laravel 5 package and relies on Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.* and AdminLTE.


Please take note that this package will replace some default view files generate by Laravel. Use fresh copy of Laravel installation only.

Step 1

Run these commands to generate basic authentication views and routes provided by Laravel.

php artisan make:auth
php artisan migrate

Step 2

Then, get the this package through Composer.

Laravel 5.4

composer require syahzul/admin-theme

Laravel 5.3 and below

composer require syahzul/admin-theme:3.*

Step 3

Now include the service provider within config/app.php.

'providers' => [

Step 4

We need few dependencies for our theme.

npm install jquery font-awesome ionicons --save

Step 5

Once all the dependencies installed, run the command to begin.

php artisan make:admintheme

Step 6

Run these commands to download all additional package and compiling assets for your app.

npm install


Laravel Admin Theme is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.