Create a snippet of text highlighting a given string

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Easy and fast way to create a snippet of text, for example for a search result. It will try and highlight the given words and give you the relevant text around it.

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Just use composer to install the package. Or download and include the TextSnipet.php file.

composer require swisnl/textsnippet


Some examples based on a 3 paragraph long Lorum ipsum text.

Basic usage

$snippet = new TextSnippet()
$snippet->createSnippet('Lorem', $lorumIpsum);

Will result in:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. ... Etiam bibendum lorem nec tempus sollicitudin. ... Sed in dapibus lorem. ... Nunc turpis ipsum, bibendum quis sodales sed, ullamcorper et lorem. Donec et metus hendrerit, interdum elit ut, dignissim dui.

Setting highlight html

You can set the tags surrounding the highlighted text. The %word% tag is required.

$snippet = new TextSnippet()

Setting min and max words

Setting min and maxwords tells the class to try and keep the number of words between the min and max.

// Defaults
$minWords = 30;
$maxWords = 100;

Setting min and max words.

$snippet = new TextSnippet()

There is a known issue if you set min and max very close to eachother. It might not find the correct set of words/sentences to get exactly between the small gap.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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