Tool for Offloading Media to a custom S3 Storage

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v0.8.0 2023-07-15 10:27 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-21 21:35:38 UTC


⚠️ This currently is a WIP and not for production usage

This plugin provide functions to upload media directly or delayed to a s3 storage and replace the media URL with url from s3 storage.
The main purpose is the automated deployment in Kubernetes/OpenShift of Docker environments, where a stateless system is helpfull.


compsoer require swarnat/wp-s3-offload

This Plugin don't use any configuration UI, because it is used for automated deployment. You need to configure the following configuration variables in wp-config.php

// your access key
define('WPS3_KEY', '123...abc');
// your secret key to access bucket
define('WPS3_SECRET', '123...abc');

// name of the bucket, you want to connect to
define('WPS3_BUCKET', 'bucketname');
// region of bucket
define('WPS3_REGION', 'de-de');
// The folder within bucket to store files into
define('WPS3_FOLDER', '/');
// Should S3 access use pathstyle urls
define('WPS3_PATHSTYLE', true);

// URL to access the uploaded assets
define('WPS3_URL_PREFIX', 'https://s3.company.com/bucketname/');
// Define a custom URL endpoint
define('WPS3_ENDPOINT', 'https://s3.company.com');


What is planned for next versions:

  • automate upload of existing media
  • testing