GO code generation library


Swaggest JSON-schema enabled Go code builder

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This library generates Go mapping structures defined by JSON schema.


Generated code for schema.

namespace MyApp;

use Swaggest\GoCodeBuilder\JsonSchema\GoBuilder;
use Swaggest\GoCodeBuilder\JsonSchema\StructHookCallback;
use Swaggest\GoCodeBuilder\Templates\GoFile;
use Swaggest\GoCodeBuilder\Templates\Struct\StructDef;
use Swaggest\JsonSchema\Schema;

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$schemaData = json_decode(file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/swagger-schema.json'));
$schema = Schema::import($schemaData);

$builder = new GoBuilder();
$builder->structCreatedHook = new StructHookCallback(function (StructDef $structDef, $path, $schema) use ($builder) {
    if ('#' === $path) {
    } elseif (0 === strpos($path, '#/definitions/')) {
        $name = $builder->codeBuilder->exportableName(substr($path, strlen('#/definitions/')));

$goFile = new GoFile('swagger');
foreach ($builder->getGeneratedStructs() as $generatedStruct) {

API Documentation

Classes documentation.

Schema extensions

Magic properties (vendor extensions) defined in schema enable special handling.


Can have a value string or an object. Contains type reference that can be used instead of generated type.

If $ignoreXGoType option is true value of vendor extension is disregarded and type is generated.

Value examples:

  • "[]myorg.com/go-null-types::nulltypes.NullString"
  • "myorg.com/my-app/order.Entity"
  • "float64"
  • {"import": {"package": "my-package/domain/orders"}, "type": "Order"}
  • {"import": {"package": "my-package", "alias": "mp"}, "type": "Order"}

x-nullable, nullable

If true schema type is converted to [<type>, "null"]. Requires $enableXNullable option.


A boolean value to control ,omitempty presence.


A boolean value to control whether property should be added to generated struct. Property with "x-generate": false will be skipped. If GoBuilder option requireXGenerate is set to true only properties with "x-generate": true will be generated.

CLI Tool

You can use json-cli to generate Go structures from command line.