A lightweight package to add basic authentication to your Laravel app.

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Super Basic Auth

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This is a super lightweight package to add the most basic form of authentication to your Laravel app. All you need is a webserver and a text editor!


The installation instructions for this package can be found below.


Via composer:

$ composer require sven/super-basic-auth

Or add the package to your dependencies in composer.json and run composer update on the command line to download it:

    "require": {
        "sven/super-basic-auth": "^2.3"


To use this package, first add the following code to your config/auth.php file:

return [
    // ...

    'basic' => [
        'user' => env('AUTH_USERNAME'),
        'password' => env('AUTH_PASSWORD'),

Be sure to add AUTH_USERNAME and AUTH_PASSWORD to your .env file. You can call these entries whatever you want.

Finally, apply the middleware to any route you want protected by those credentials:

Route::group('admin', function () {
    // Your password protected routes.


All contributions (pull requests, issues and feature requests) are welcome. Make sure to read through the first, though. See the contributors page for all contributors.


sven/super-basic-auth is licensed under the MIT License (MIT). Please see the license file for more information.